Chernivtsi: Scammers - psevdopodatkivtsi again went "hunting" Management

State Tax Inspection in the city. Chernivtsi extremely excited alarming entrepreneurs of our city that are just not possible not to pay attention. After all, the information contained in them, liar and negatively affects the image of the service as a whole. Head of State podatkovoyi Inspection in the city. Zaharyuk Chernivtsi Nicholas sees such actions willingness to compromise tax experts in the eyes of Chernivtsi, sow distrust and dissatisfaction with the activities of representatives of fiscal services. In cases of telephone fraud scheme of action is not new. Scammers are calling on landline phone Chernivtsi businessmen and threatenedthey invented penalties for infringement, demanding "modest fee" for "peaceful" solution "to the conflict" and to "address the issue with the Chief Inspectorate" leave your mobile: 099-280-72-79. State Tax Inspection in. Chernivtsi Chernivtsi refers to a request to report cases of extortion of funds, or any other notlawfully taken, Department of Internal Security Directorate DFS in Chernivtsi region, tel.: 54-56-17. Do not get fooled by provocations that negatively affect the image of the service, which experts in economically difficult times tirelessly fill the coffers of the state. Do not let anyone take advantage of your credulity, and the following facts - tell the police! On thoseis reported in the Chernivtsi City Council