In the Lviv region in Zashkovi " Yavoryna " held a charity sale to support pilot vazhkoporanenoho

Lviv Oblast Organization of Ukrainian Association " Yavoryna " at the Festival " Zashkiv - land of heroes " organized a charity sale of Ukrainian dishes, sweets, masters of handicrafts to raise funds for maintenance vazhkoporanenoho pilot Sergey Titarenko. The initiator and participant of the charitable action was chairman of the association Irina SEC. For several days " yavorynky " preparing for the fair - boiled, baked, wove decorations, and printed leaflets, which described the Hero, who want to support. &Quot; Sergey Titarenko in the war of the firstdays. Last June, his helicopter was shot down over enemy Slavic. He survived, but injured his spine and is now confined to a wheelchair. A few days ago in his family there was another tragedy - his wife died Sergei Natalia. He was left with two children, of which only less rochok on a wheelchair and even homeless. I sincerely want assisable to pilot-hero, because he gave his care for each of us & quot ;, - said Irina SEC. As the head of the organization, one of the first tasks " Yavoryna " - Support for the military and their families. Tent " Yavoryna " Many people attended, including PA Chairman " Freedom " Oleg Tyagnibok, Deputy ChairmanPA " Freedom " Oleg Pankevych, people's deputy of Ukraine Oleg Osuhovskyy and others. Guests willing to buy things made by the " yavorynok & quot ;. A Zakarpattia " Yavoryna " joined the action by drawing on the body (body art), which enjoyed popularity in the youth and children. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv Regionalrhanizatsiyi PA " Freedom "