Personal scholarships Head receive gifted children and creative youth Khmelnytsky

10 personal scholarships to talented and creative young children founded by the Head of State Administration in 2005. during the session of the Commission awarding scholarships among 17 candidates chosen worthy. This young Podilians,which reached a high level of performance and are active creative activity of public interest. Their victory is a significant contribution to the cultural and artistic heritage of the region, promote cultural - aesthetic education of the younger generation and the public in general. Personal scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis in the field of music, imageCreative, arts and crafts, choreography and theater period of the calendar year. This takes into account the achievement of candidates for the scholarship for the past 3 years. During consideration of the documents applicants committee members - leading specialists and experts in culture and the head of the commission, Deputy Head of the chief managerRSA apparatus for Les Stem stressed that the attribution of personal fellowship is one of the real measures to support talented youth Khmelnytsky, specifically to support the comprehensive harmonious development of gifted children. Thus, during the year monthly personal grants of 200 USD will receive:Avetikyan Nerses - student Krasyliv children's music school; Halhan Alina - Khmelnitsky student art school for children; Zdybel Larissa - student Khmelnytsky children's school of fine and decorative art; Zajac Vladislav - student Kamenetz-Podolsk City Children's Choir School; Alexander Levitsky - Hmm studentelnytskoyi art school for children; Matsyuk Anna - Derazhniansky district student art school for children; Olenych Alexander - student Lisovodskoyi Gorodotsky children's music school district; Pluzhnikova Valentine - student Khmelnytsky Music College .. B. Zaremba; Sikora Oksana - student Kamenetz-Podolsk City Children's fictionschool; The information was