In Uzhgorod plans to hold mass privatization of communal property

February 19, 2015 Uzhgorod activists picketed by the city council in connection with the removal to the deputies of the mass privatization of municipal enterprises. At the next session of Uzhgorod city council deputies considered privatization of many strategiesichno important for the city utilities and facilities that are now the property of the community of Uzhgorod. &Quot; The behavior of the local government and the majority of deputies reminiscent of the behavior of " & quot ;, deenerivtsiv that after the battle steal things dead. Tsynichnosti local officials no limits, they are taking advantage of the time when ordinary people engaged in war and Assistedyu front, a massive share of the community property & quot ;, - commented head Uzhgorod " Freedom " Tomas Lelekach. Unfortunately, people are now driven to a standstill current regime imposed yoke " hand & quot ;, Moscow, which they use as protection against all who oppose their criminal actions. &Quot; We, in turn, declare thatnot going to stand by and watch as the government together with local businessmen spoil our city. Position PA " Freedom " has always been categorical in matters of " pryhvatyzatsiyi " important community facilities as well as local and regional prosecutor's office of trust there, we will address the General Prosecutor of Ukraine & quot ;, - adds Tomasz Lelekach. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "