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Volyn region: while preventive raids rescuers remind residents of the region, which during the summer holidays - not a reason to forget safety rules June 10

employees Novovolynsk district department, and Lokachi Liubeshiv district DSNS sector in Ukraine in the Volyn region had preventive raids in the territory include masovohRest of citizens. Since the summer vacations and holidays residents often choose to land leisure beaches near ponds, rivers and lakes, rescuers conduct educational activities there. Raid groups working in places of public entertainment on IPB city lake on the river Luga village Lokachi and the rate is A seatenyy village Kruhynychi Lokachi area, as well as the central beach on the river in the village Stokhid Lyubeshiv. Rescuers noticed citizens vacationing on the shore, on safety rules during recreation. Urged not to leave children unattended and stressed the prohibition of bathing drunk. Because of these factors -said rescuers - most accidents occur. Traditionally conversation with the citizens of employees DSNS illustrated visuals, where the rules of safety of life and illustrated by examples clearly described algorithm of actions in case of emergency. Not paid attention to raid groups and representatives of civil issues Matystu: the inhabitants of the land were reminded of safe handling of suspicious items like explosive, Rose ’ yasnyly procedure in terms of terrorist attacks and during the shelling. In conversations with the public and discussed how to do in the event of a declared signal « Attention all! &Raquo; Employees of « 101 » focused onWeight citizens that during the summer holidays and recreation – no reason to forget the rules of safe life. They are relevant under any conditions. A guarantee of quality leisure – with the appropriate level of security. On the beach of the river Stokhid Liubeshiv area where most of the rest of the local population to preventive measuress than rescuers, joined local workers Volynryboohorony station. In addition to teaching population, participants raid group set on the beach stand with visual materials from life safety to every ordinary citizen ever had the opportunity to view useful information. In DSNS in Volyn region