Transcarpathian police detained a robber who attacked elderly women workers

CID Mukachevo Gorotdel police detained 19-year-old mugger, who has brought three cases pohrabunkiv older women. Forward specialized in stealing women's handbags. Recently Mukachevo police caught severalcriminals who were involved in attacks lonely passersby, mostly women, depriving the victims money and valuables. One of these was 19-year-old mukachivets. This guy still had problems with the law, was brought up in a normal family with average income. Recently, however, tell the parents of a young man he zv`yazavsyawith previously convicted 24-year-old friend, who "taught" the boy how to act in the "dark" cases. How to set Mukachevo operatives, both young men engaged pohrabunkamy women during December-January. Chose Street potential victim, followed her and robbed. However, senior attacker had not attacked, so as not to "glow" and said do molodshomu and less experienced in the craft thieves friend. And on account of pohrabunky for three, one of them accompanied by violence. Running up the back of the older women, boy jerk pulled handbags. One victim was cry and resist, and the robber did not stop. He repeatedly struck the woman and took the same bag. Total suma stolen was about 3000 USD. Details about the event investigator Gorotdel introduced the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine st.186 (robbery, combined with violence dangerous to life or health of the victim). Progress of pre-tested the involvement of these persons to commit other analogary offenses. - Wanted mugger complicated by the fact - says the head of the criminal police Mukachevo Gorotdel Jaroslav Tovkan - that victims immediately notify law enforcement about a crime and can not always describe the attacker, because the criminal act quickly ran up from behind and quickly disappeared from the scene with stolen bag .So if you are in a situation or witness a crime, immediately notify the police by dialing "102". The sooner the police receive a message about the crime, the more likely expose and apprehend the assailant. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA