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Another success Luck athletes in international competitions

June 12-14 sports delegation of the city took part in the XXI International festival of children and youth sports in Zamosc (Poland). Lutsk team was represented at this year's festival in three of the five types of programs. In the competition of athletes in running Angela Lykhach600 meters won. Second at a distance of 300 meters was Nataliya Pavlyuk. Two silver was won by our throwers. Kornelyuk Irina was the second in the javelin, and Dmitri Yaroshinsky in the shot put. A little not ready in awards Natalia and Alexander Pavlyuk Myronyuk that in the 100 m run was the fourth. Excellent made our teamihrovykiv. So girls volleyball by defeating all his rivals, won zahalnokomandne first. The winning initiative continued and adolescent handball. They were also the strongest among its peers. In zahalnokomandnomu result sportswear delegation Lutsk ranked second, behind the hosts, athletes Zamo??.The third place team from the city of Mount hoe (Poland). Congratulations to the winners of the competition and all delegation members on successful performance at the next international festival of sport for children and young people. Also express gratitude managed Elena Alekseeva, Galina Romashkevych, Rostislav Lanevychu, Vladimir Khomyuk, Tatiana and Tatiana TrofimukLeshchuk, students are adequately presented our city and state in the prestigious international children's forum, and we wish new victories. This was reported in Lutsk city council