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In the Transcarpathian region Mukachevo robber sentenced to four years

attacker pretext call robbery committed two costly "gamers" of minors. In April last year to Mukachevo Gorotdel woman called police and told law enforcement that a few minutes ago, her son was robbed. Outdoors him underiyshov older boy and asked mobile phone to call back. The boy did not hesitate to give your cellular, but just got the desired attacker immediately fled. With a similar statement to law enforcement officers on the day turned another mukachivets and reported that his son under the pretext call strange boy stole mobileworth four thousand UAH. - Victims clearly described the attacker as he spoke and looked at who was dressed - says a senior CID detective John Kohan. - It also helped us a few hours to identify the suspect. They found 19-year-old mukachivets, who confessed to the crime. The suspect did not clavyvsya good reputation. Despite the relatively young age, mukachivets already had problems with the law. The boy had previously been convicted of a property crime. However, given his age, family circumstances and the ability to correct, the court was humane to the guy - he was released on probation with a probation period of two years. And becomeway to correct, as we see, mukachivets no hurry. This time the boy hold in jail for four years and three months after he committed a new crime during the trial period. Mukachevo district court verdict mukachivtsya found guilty of a criminal offense under Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine Art.190 (Fraud committed repeatedly). Eugene Krasylynets Mukachevo CF MIA