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In the Transcarpathian region funding for the regional budget as of June 1, 2015

from the regional budget to fund 54 programs provided for 2015 (with amendments) funds in the amount of 156 797.8 thousand. UAH. As of 1 June this year carried 45 funding applications totaling 64 984.4 thous., Of which barevnym spending money: - RSA - for the implementation of regional programs financed 1 569.9 thousand. UAH. The largest volume of funds aimed at "Program of the Center minority cultures Transcarpathia in 2011-2015", "Regional Program of the contact center for 2013-2015", "Support Program communal operationynoho, motor of Regional State Administration and Regional Council building conservation and architectural monuments as RSA for 2015 "," Programme for the Development of Education and traditions of national minorities in 2011-2015 "program of the Transcarpathian Regional Department Search and publishing agency" BooksUkraine and memory ", regional editorial board of the book" Rehabilitated by History "and the editorial board for the preparation and production of" Body of historical and cultural monuments of Transcarpathian region ", etc; - Management of foreign economic relations and investment CBC RSA - 15.0 thousand. a program of cross-border SPIvrobitnytstva Transcarpathian region 2011 -2015 years; - Department of Education and Science RSA - financed 3 324.7 thousand. for the three programs, including "Program of Education Development for 2013-2022 years Transcarpathia", "UNDP regional higher education in 2013-2017 years" and "Elementary Education Development Programme in Zakarpatskiy region for 2011-2015); - Department of Youth and Sports Regional State Administration - financed 866.6 thousand. to perform two programs, including "Regional Programme implementing youth, family, demographic and gender policy for 2011-2015" (implemented jointly with the Department of Social Welfare) and "Rose Applicationsdevelopment of physical culture and sports in the region for 2012-2016 "; - Department of Health RSA - 40 411.2 ths., For the implementation of eight programs, including "Program of development and improvement of nephrological services in 2011-2015.", "Regional program" Diabetes and diabetes insipidus "for 2009-2015" and "Progframe strengthening the material-technical base of health care institutions municipal property area for 2011-2016 years "," Programs providing medicines veterans, medical products and conduct free prosthetic privileged population of the region in the years 2011-2016 "," Regional program of struggle againstby cancer for the period till 2016 "," Regional Programme epidemic measures and the fight against infectious diseases in 2012-2016 "," Regional Programme "Reproductive health Transcarpathian region until 2015" and "Program TB in the region in 2012-2016years "; - Department of Social Welfare RSA - 9 766.3 thousand. to implement the program "Care" to strengthen social protection of disadvantaged categories of citizens "," Reform Programme institutions for orphans and children deprived of parental care in the years 2012-2017 "(together with services fors children RSA) and "Regional Programme implementing youth, family, demographic and gender policy for 2011-2015" (implemented jointly with the Department of Youth and Sports); - Services for children RSA - 18.5 thousand. for the "Reform Programme institutions for orphans and children deprived of Baching care in 2012-2017 years. "; - Department of Culture RSA - 2 135.8 thousand. for the implementation of the "Program of development of culture and art in the region for 2011-2015 years", "Programs create an insurance fund documentation Transcarpathian region the period 2011-2015" and the Comprehensive Program of preservation and use of monuments ballsHer- heritage Transcarpathian region for 2006-2015; - National Archives region - 29.1 thousand. for the "Development Program of archives in Zakarpattia oblast for 2011-2015"; - Department of Information and Communication of the State Administration - 631.5 thousand. to ensure the implementation of four programs: "Programs ditivities NGOs areas that need social protection "; "Regional program of public participation in the formulation and implementation of public policy and public opinion study in 2015-2018 years", "Support Program for the media and information industry development for 2015-2017 years" and "Programs supportedymky publishing local authors, promotion Transcarpathian books for book distribution and promotion 2015-2017 years "; - Department of Housing, Construction and Infrastructure RSA - 1 030.7 thousand. to implement five programs, including "Program transfer in the years 2012-2015 budget institutions boiler districtand alternative fuels "," Programs to enhance the functioning ZOKP "International Airport" Uzhgorod "for 2013-2016 years" and "energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency Zakarpattia oblast for 2012-2015"; - Management planning and architecture RSA - 1 114.9 thousand. (Credit) - for implementation "Progframe for youth housing in 2013-2017 years "; - Department of Agroindustrial Development of Regional State Administration - 3 634.3 thousand. to implement three programs - "Program development and support crop for 2012-2015", "Development Programme and support livestock, poultry and beekeeping in the region for 2010-2015" and "Oblasttion program "Own home" for 2012-2015 "(lending); - Department of Environment and Natural Resources RSA - 119.2 thousand. Program implementation of environmental protection measures; - Department for Civil Protection RSA - 207.1 thousand. to perform the "Program of development of communication opovischetion and information Civil Defence Zakarpattia oblast for 2011-2015 "and" Programs and creation of regional reserve accumulation logistical facilities and personal respiratory protection unemployed population Zakarpattia oblast for 2011-2015 "; - Department of Finance and Economic Development and Trade aboutlderzhadministratsiyi - 100.0 thousand. to perform "Programs Increasing effectiveness of executive powers to implement state regional policy for 2012-2015." Department of Finance State Administration This was reported in the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration