On accidents on roads and field maintenance work GAI Bukovina in 5 months 2015

From the beginning, on the roads of Chernivtsi region committed 83 traffic accidents with victims in which 15 road users were killed and 92 injured. Among the common types of accidents with victims — pedestrian accidents (325%), collision (33.7%), transfer (10.8%) and hitting an obstacle (10.8%). The main causes of accidents with victims: - Violations maneuvering (19.3%); -perevyschennya safe speed (19.3%; - Driving in a state of ch ’ yaninnya (7.2%); -violation travel rules crossroads (4.8%). In general, during the reportingperiod traffic police area identified and stopped 7516 violations of traffic rules. Among them: -881 Case drive vehicles in a state of ch ’ yaninnya; -1441 Speeding violations in 1441; -18 Violations of overtaking; -67 Violations passage intersections; -11 Cases create emergency. According to Article 130 of the CAO (control transMotor vehicles drunk ch ’ yaninnya) local judicial authorities denied rights management 51 driver. The drivers who were driving drunk, in the courts paid fines amounting to over half a million (550 thousand. 240 USD). Press Service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Chernovtsy region