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In Vinnitsa region folklore festival was named after Gnat Tantsyura (+ photos)

On the occasion of 114 anniversary of the birth of fellow folklorist Gnat Trofimovich Tantsyura June 13, 2015 at his home in the village Zyatkivtsyah Haysyn district held regional festival folklore im.Hnata Tantsyura. Ignat T. Tantsyura - Ukrainianand folklorist, anthropologist, ethnographer and teacher, was born in 1901rotsi in s.Zyatkivtsi Haysyn area. Graduated from Vinnitsa Pedagogical Institute, a teacher. From his youth became interested in collecting folklore. Heritage H.Tantsyury rich and diverse in terms of genre. For forty-six years he recorded stap'yatydesyaty informants from 5 thousand. PiseHb, 928 fairy tales, legends, tales, proverbs 1536, 615 puzzles, 800 wedding songs, 200 items of children's folklore. Ignat Tantsyura by a large and valuable folklore-ethnographic work Zyatkivtsyah wedding in the village. The book "Marriage issued in 1997year. Folk traditions, customs, folklore skirts formed the basis of creativity H.T.Tantsyury. Tantsyura rose from ginho- root and live, without interrupting it. He died in 1962, buried in m.Haysyni. Holiday Folklore Hnat Tantsyura already has more than 30-year history. Regional festival was launched in 1981 to celebrate the 80 anniversary of H.Tantsyury, regional - 1985. In 2001, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of folklorefirst Vinnichchine held Ukrainian festival-competition of authentic teams for the prize Tantsyura Gnat, which is held every five years in Vinnytsia. Regional festival is held annually. The main purpose of the holiday: the preservation and development of Ukrainian song heritage of centuries of people and appeal to the traditions of his native land in the Vinnitsa region. Traditionsbut every year at the feast determined team - the winner of which is awarded prize Transitional Gnat Tantsyura. During its existence the festival received such transitional national prize (approximate) amateur folk groups as "Briksa" Bohonytskoho SBC Vinnytsia District UK ensemble Novoselovskoe Haysyn area, "Zhyvotoky" Yarmolinetskiy SBC delayynskoho area, "Divotsvet" Hnivanskoyi CMS Tyvrovsky region, "Source" Lozovsky SBC Chernivtsi region, "Turtledove" Sloboda-Yarishivskoho SBC Mogilev-Podolsk district, "Fern Blossom" Sobolivskoyi CMS Teplyk district "krynychen'ky" Meleshkivskoho SBC Haysyn area, "bunch Kalinowo "Rozhychnyanskoho SBC Orativ area," Voices etc.edkiv "Bar Humanitarian Pedagogical College im.M.Hrushevskoho, folklore group" Mokosh "Vinnitsa College of Culture and Arts im.M.D.Leontovycha," native "Haysyn RBC, folk group" Zozulyata "Gaysinsky CMS," Berehynya "Byrlivskoho SBC Bershad district. In the current regional folklore celebration was attended by 33 folk callActive and 5 individual performers of Ukrainian folk songs of the 17 districts and the city of Vinnytsia. The main theme of the holiday: "Ukrainian shirt - sort of amulet." The program of celebration: - Opening ceremony with the participation of exemplary amateur folk dance ensemble "Flowers skirts" Vinnytsia City Palace of Arts "Zarya", honored guests: Horodynskoho SS,Honored Artist of Ukraine, Head of Culture and Tourism Administration, Dmytrenko MK, Doctor of Philology, professor, head of department of Folklore Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology im.M.T.Rylskoho NAS of Ukraine, Tsvigun TO, Honored Worker Culture of Ukraine, the director of Vinnytsia Regionalth center of folk art, NG Gromova, folklorystky, director of the museum of folklore Gnat Tantsyura. - Laying flowers to stele H.Tantsyury and Ya.Zuyihy; - Concert program "Song source skirts" with folk groups and individual artists; - Catwalk presentation of old men, women and children's shirts; - An exhibition of oldovynnyh shirts from regional funds Regional Museum; - "Afterschool" territorial communities of the region; - "The town of artists"; - Workshops with different types of folk art; - Transitional prize awarding im.Hnata Tantsyura, recognized the best on a holiday, folk groups and diplomas and gratitude to all Holiday Party. Transition prize im.Hnata DanceJurassic received Amateur folk-ethnographic group "Kumasi" Chahivskoho SBC Orativ area. People's Choice Award received Amateur folk group "Podolski music" Vinnitsa RBC. All teams participating regional festival received diplomas for their participation and set almanac "Day Room." Departments of Culture and Tourism Ryderzhadministratsiy region, representing embroidered shirts catwalk "embroidered shirt - sort of talisman" received thanks from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and Vinnytsia regional center of folk art. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration