In the region by state security service increases the number buttons police emergency call

Department of State Security Service takes measures to increase the number of emergency call the police in public places that are connected to the remote central monitoring GSO. This device is known to deskand immediately call a group of detention, visiting the place the call in minutes. - To respond quickly to crimes and offenses maintain the necessary level of public order and security departments of the State Security Service, as of early February 2015, a public system installed emergency call 6522 militsiyi - said Deputy Head of the Technical Service Department at GSO MIA of Ukraine Sergey Kiforuk. - 3232 button found at the sites of trade, 495th recreation facilities in 1363 - in enterprises and institutions 257 - directly on the streets (at bus stops) and 1175 - in other sites. The largest quantitativeNumber of CBS established in Kharkiv region - 744, in Kiev - 739, in the Odessa region - 738 in the Lviv region - 448 and in the Kirovograd region - 439. We know that the best results in increasing the number of units was achieved CBS GSO Kyiv, Kirovograd, Lviv, Transcarpathian and Mykolaiv regions. According to Acting chiefCountry Department SSS at MIA Ukraine Major General Sergei Budnik police, it is important to know about the "Alarm call the police", which may be banks, pharmacies, kiosks, which are protected GSO and in homes and in public places. Every person who requires help police officers can use it. Currently are negotiating to increase such systems emergency call police in public places. - Most of the objects that protects the State Security Service, equipped with "alarm button call the police." With this device, if necessary, immediately call desk detention group visiting the place of calland within minutes - said General Budnik. - Need to increase the number of buttons, because we see the result of and assistance to everyone, which had its use. The State Security Service recalls that, using any services DSO, you will provide a reliable and professional security. Press Service of the MIA of Ukraine DDSO