On Sunday, June 14, Archbishop Ternopil, Khmelnytsky manager Mstislav Diocese celebrates '37 Regional Council Chairman congratulated Bishop Basil Hominets

Your Excellency! From sincere heart I congratulate you with birthdays! Vinshuyu you with MPs from the regional council and Ternopil whole community. You are people of SRIbackground of God's Word, the true spiritual purification and grace. Great clerk you that tirelessly work in the field of flowering of the Church with joy and hope of God's grace educate people in the Christian virtues make his pastoral duty in the name of the Church and our people. It is not only the go to God, but also help in this countryman. coDo we all are going through difficult times of war and economic crisis, you give people hope and spiritual strength, save from despair and frustration. Big thanks be to you for it! I am confident that thanks to your selfless service and all the congregation we soon be able to bear its common prayer to God, united in one national Ukrainian Christian TSerkvu. I wish you health, strength and doable continue to serve the Church, Ukraine and our people! May God send you mnogie and happy years! Chairman of the Regional Council Vasyl Hominets This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional council