In Ternopil consecrated church of All Saints Ukrainian land (UAOC)

Every year on the second Sunday after Pentecost honor the memory of all the saints Ukrainian land. Saints that their exploits, their good works increased the glory of Ukraine and of the Church. Novozavedena building the house which in Ternopil on Vynnychenka 10-A, built up over many yearsat the expense, faithful, benefactors and sponsors. On the throne feast here visiting Bishop, clergy. The festive liturgy conducted Archbishop Ternopil, Khmelnytsky managing diocese Vysokopreosvyaschenniyshyy Mstislav. Welcome the parishioners of the Church of All Saints Ukrainian land on the holiday came Regional Council Chairman Vasyl Hominets. The headCouncil, addressing the audience, said: "It is symbolic. That in difficult times for Ukraine consecrate new temples. It is faith helped our people to survive in the most difficult trials. Even more symbolically that the temple be named - All Saints Ukrainian land. After this holiday, all who live in our land, everyone who glorified holy life.This is their day, and they pray especially for Ukraine, that God has given us peace, harmony, peace, helping to build this house and our Ukrainian state. And let us pray that September 14 was successful unification UAOC and UOC-KP. I am convinced that this will be a fundamental step towards the creation of a unified Ukrainian Orthodox Church! VasilyHominets novoosvyachenoyi church rector presented a valuable gift - utvar church. Chairman of the Regional Council Vasyl Homintsya awarded the Order of Jury Winner of the third degree. Also on June 14, Archbishop Ternopil, Khmelnytsky manager Diocese Mstislav was 37 years. The head of the regional council welcomed Bishop of birthdays and wished: & # 8220, Dear Lord! Be happy and let God's grace illuminates all of your ideas and plans, even made the dreams and success will be daily work for the glory of God, Ukraine and our people! " Reference: Church said: "Our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth to save all people. He sent his disciples to teach all nations, propoviduvayou gospel around the world and every creature. The apostles, under covenant Divine Teacher, sowed the word of God throughout the world, they preached peace and distant neighbors, and taught that the Lord Jesus Christ calls all to ourselves that the Church of Christ there is neither Hellene nor Jew, neither barbarian nor Scythian, but everywhere and in all - Christ. Christ Spasytel said he believed he had come from east and west, from north and south and vozlyazhut in the Kingdom. So on this day Ukrainian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of all the saints who glorify God in our holy land - the Gospel reading mention calling St. Andrew, apostle of that church by Laneedanni, first began sowing salvific word of God in our land. Unfortunately, history did not protect the names of those who converted to Christianity Holy Apostle Andrew. But more than a thousand years since St. Olga and St. Vladimir exists in our country and the Church of Christ here in this period hundreds righteous, our native countrymen, glorified God. VeliNike has a number of distinguished men and our Holy Orthodox Church, to which the men worked hard, sacrificed their property, life and work. Numerous number of fighters for the Holy Church, great heroes, teachers, preachers, martyrs that his heroic life were other worthy example to follow. There are so many that Holy Church no capacity eachth particular mention, because not all of their names are known. In order not to offend anyone in the church calendar, there are two special Sundays: 1st Sunday after Pentecost and All Saints 2nd All Saints that have become famous Ukrainian Earth. It is in this Sunday we pay tribute to all the known and unknown saints and merits only God knows. And there in our land MonthsThis where believers knew those righteous who lived there and who is not leaving his grace through them. Do not equally held their life - one lived in the palace, others in tents and caves, some of the cities and the second in the deserts and forests, each of them was a feat, but in all our Fathers and Mothers - from the first to the last one was Speelne: they all loved their Heavenly Master Jesus Christ, all sought him, and all glorified in His heavenly kingdom. They all lived in the name of Christ and for Christ placed his life for their country and for their neighbors. They have left us, his spiritual descendants. They bequeathed to us the most precious and most holy available in the world for ChristYanyna - a strong faith in Jesus Christ, his devotion to the holy Church, the desire for eternal life and love for his people and his homeland. Through our spiritual fathers, grain Gospel teachings that began to spread in our Ukrainian land St. Andrew, reach a solid and hard soil of our hearts. They were beginning ASWdu harvested in the heavenly granary of the fruits of our land. They have a guarantee and our following Christ, pledge of God's mercy to us - because no faith zmalila our land, still continuing sowing the word of God and a place in the celestial granary. " This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional council