In Kherson picked nouveau riche community land, destroyed the village beach and brought back the Kherson region drain

villagers demolished the fence Antonivka its wealthy neighbor. His house stands on a cliff overlooking the Dnieper River, and the coast, which previously was rustic beach, derived drain. Sand dug there, and water clogged with piles for mooring, – messageslyaye TSN. Farmers argue that the owner of the estate not only distorted the coast, but extended his yard by land community, so decided to break the fence. Lord was not in place, the guard could not do anything. For a beach farmers from privateers fighting for more than two years. Law enforcement officials work at the bank acknowledged illegal, but the involvement of PropertyNick House had not proven. Now the village council should lead to the recreation area down at the expense of the community. &Laquo; Here is temporary fence type, which we just demolished, it was a fenced area community, which belongs to the community. Therefore, the community took the decision & raquo ;, – explained local resident Anna Zarudny. Told