Transcarpathia: Mizhhirschyni to create a cultural and artistic information center

Mizhgirya cultural and artistic information center will be established at the district house of culture. Creation Centre agreed intermountain district council deputies at the meeting and approved its charter. As stated in the statute, the main purpose of the center is to satisfying cultural needs of the population, development of all types and genres of folk art amateur, amateur art, folk crafts; providing information and education and teaching services and consultations entertainment facilities district. Invited to the plenary session Head of Culture Shemet Oleksanda explainedBackground of this institution. What solution is an organic continuation of work undertaken to improve the state of cultural institutions in the district. So, have decided to establish a branch intermountain cultural and artistic information center in the village. Holyatyn. See also: Graduate in line withdrew his medal and wore the girl whoand teacher "hacked" award Head of culture brought to the attention of the deputies, that transfer costs and authority to implement the work on reconstruction of the intermountain cultural and artistic Information Center of the Capital Construction Transcarpathian Regional Administration will help to attract funds for reconstruction Regionaland the state budget and speed up the start of work. This decision was supported by MPs unanimously. Reference: In Mizhgirrya cultural and artistic information center is planned to open a school of arts. For this construction project provides large mirrored ballroom, creative art laboratory. Children and adults are able vidviduvayou amateur associations and clubs. The information center will be presented to the press center, computer room with internet access, room for presentations, etc., according to the press service Mihrirskoyi District Council. News of Transcarpathia - "Carpathian lens" Told