In the Zhytomyr region rescuers spent outdoors entertainments action for children vacationing at the beach

heat in summer makes people refreshed in the water several times a day, but this need includes not only entertainment, but also to the rules safety on water bodies. Unfortunately, sometimes ending May holidaysGedi – this year the reservoirs in the region killed 12 people, including two children. So on June 12 on the territory of children's beach Hydropark, in the city of Zhitomir, rescuers together with fabulous children's TV show characters « unusual Sciences School » Dragon Cochet and Mrs Monet, representatives « Red Cross & raquo ;, savingnykamy city municipal rescue service on the water and on partner support mall « Global » family entertainment center « Island Activities » held for children entertainments action « Safe Sports Water & raquo ;. To the west was also involved team DYUP « restless » City Gymnasium 3. Together andwith animators « Island Activities » Pepi long stocking and Jack Sparrow are invited to participate in the promotion of children who come to relax on the river bank « Grouse » with their parents. From the first minute kids plunged into the maelstrom of adventure and test. From the very beginning of the event and told the divers in practice demonstrated waysRescue on water rights and rules craft. An employee of the press service of the Office DSNS simulating drowning, forced to save themselves. When the rescue boat swam to him and pulled the ship, the man was not conscious. Because divers had to immediately provide first aid drowning. All the kids were confident that all the lights outvayetsya really. Luckily, it was a game. After a successful rescue of the children was shown in more detail to provide medical assistance to victims during outdoor recreation from representatives « Red Cross & raquo ;. Also, children with the volunteers had the opportunity to test their strength in the indirect heart massage, which they did mannequins.Then the organizers headed by Ms. Monet and dragon Cochet divided all the kids into two teams - « French fries » and « Malibu » led animatoromy. Then the real race began. Children guessed true or not true cautionary statements subject, with improvised means (which they brought with them to the beach) in ’ yazaly rescue rope, whereby parents could not resist and too rushed to help them, mothers gathered on the beach and tried to save Ms. Moni from the water, tossing her end Alexandrov. Each of the children received for participating balloons with the inscription « I love Ukraine DSNS & raquo ;, invitation for free admission and varietytraktsioniv in the mall « Global » family entertainment center « Island Activities & raquo ;, and zakladenky for books from the rules of safe behavior while at home and on the street. As planned action were not only fun, but also informative. The lion's share Contests kids helped consolidate their knowledge of the behavior safeethics and on the water and acquire new ones. Hopefully, the work of experts DSNS not be useless, because, first of all, the citizens themselves have to take care about personal safety and the safety of their children constantly remind them how to behave during a holiday on the water and to demonstrate by example. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region