In Vinnitsa region more than 50 thousand families receive housing subsidies

In connection with the introduction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 106 from February 28, 2015 "On improvement of housing subsidies" in April 2015 the state budget for housing grants our area additionally allocated grants amounting to 340.3 million. UAH.a total amount for payment of housing subsidies is 524.5 million. UAH., which is 423.9 million. UAH. more than in 2014. As of June 12, 2015 amount of the housing subsidy is 55.4 thousand. Families for a subsidy for housing and communal services and electricity since the beginning of the year in the amount of 93.8 million. UAH., Debt totalsone's 39.5 million. UAH. (Current debt). Number of recipients for solid fuel and liquefied gas is 2.9 thousand. Families for subsidies from the beginning of the year by 4.0 mln. UAH., Debt is 2.9 mln. (Current debt). According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on February 28, 2015 106 About udoskonation procedure for granting housing subsidies "number of families that applied for subsidies simplified procedure as of June 12, 2015 is 50123, including a subsidy for 31,386 families. Currently, all social security departments work area is active in restructuring the system of subsidies. Reported bythe Vinnytsia Regional State Administration