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First Deputy Head Andriy Gyzhko met with members of the Association of farms of Vinnitsa region (+ photos)

The main purpose of the meeting that was chaired by the Deputy Head Andriy Gyzhko - review and discussion of the problems of farmers land, as well as providing practical advice on manifoldslence issues in this area. The second working session, which was launched in a new format over a month ago, managers, in collaboration with the government looking for ways and mechanisms for resolving conflicts that arise in the market of energy. In particular, farmers complained overstatement of tariffs for JSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo" on nezrozumiLei and transparent, in their opinion, the procedure and terms of making approval of technical documentation for the connection of electricity. Violated meeting on the issue of demarcation and value of work performed by connecting electricity to industrial buildings. "The market for electric power in the same hands, and in fact there is no alternative. Pays Bigmoney without knowing for what services. Farmers should clearly know who pays for exterior work, and who - on inside. After all, there are many examples where agency representatives say business manager to pay for those services that are funded under the laws of the expense obldenerho. Another problem is that the approval of technical documentation may takeand 8 months. We therefore propose the following services to "PAT Vinnytsyaoblenergo" went through the transparent office with precise deadlines. And at the same time it will be part of anti-corruption "- said during the meeting Chairman of the Regional Association of Farmers and Private Landowners Inna Kukharchuk. In turn, First Deputy Head noticed uat Vinnichchine will set up a working group to review the tariffs, transparency of calculation. "PAT Vinnytsyaoblenergo" - is an entity that operates within the legal framework. In shnomu meeting berutuchast representatives and the National Commission for Energy Regulation and utility services, and the Antimonopoly Committee and Inspectionenergy efficiency, so should establish cooperation between farmers and these structures. So if you see that your rights are violated, please contact the relevant institutions "- said Andrew Gyzhko. Also, official added that the heads of regional administrations, institutions and organizations together with the authorities should create the necessary conditions for the conduct bidemolished in the territory of the region. "Good examples are the incentives for businesses in the Vinnytsia city council, where the level of the city looking for the best solutions. In particular, he legitimizes his business, he receives benefits on certain services. So we need to find a regional level algorithm that promote the legalization of business activities in the region "-said Andrew Gyzhko. In addition, the head of the regional assembly of the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners Inna Kukharchuk present reported on the status of the orders of the head of the regional state administration for the preliminary meeting held on 04.28.2015, the audit farms. "For the inventyryzatsiyi land allocated for the establishment of farms was established commission that traveled to the field. According to the results of the work only four districts of the region officially submitted evidence that the land for the formation of farms is really committed to sublease, "- said Inna Kukharchuk. In turn, Andrew Gyzhko noted that to address thoseoho questions elaborated Commission should provide materials to Goszemagentstva departments and the State Fiscal Service to resolve this issue definitively. In addition, during the meeting the representatives of the Association of farms of Vinnitsa region prepared a series of proposals to amend the legislation. In particular, to facilitate the drawtion of property rights, land lease and inheritance lease rights. In addition, according to farmers, government officials did not consider the specifics of managing the countryside and when taken a decision on the mandatory use of cash registers, including to pay for services provided to farmers by farmers. Offers from representatives of farming Lanenecks Deputy Head Andriy Gyzhko called appropriate and proposed to merge their practices with those legislative changes that are prepared at state administration and will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration