Lutsk and Rivne ahead even capital

leading domestic Recently online edition spread information about research quality of life in cities of Ukraine. It is encouraging that even in this ranking - among the best. In particular, the total of our city on the 8th place, and some indicators even higher. Sociological group "Rating" in conjunction with the International Republican Institute held its first municipal research on how residents of Ukrainian cities assess the quality factor services, local government and other indicators that determine quality of life. The survey was conducted from 2 to 20 March in all regional centers of Ukraine, except for Donetsk and Lugansk. The study, conducted in 13rates of 18 criteria, Rivne took eighth place, ahead of not only their neighbors - Lutsk and Zhytomyr and Kyiv and. This collection according to our city ranked fifth, and the quality of sewage - the fourth. Before the Range list the most comfortable accommodation for city-regional centers of Ukraine were only Vinnitsa, Kharkiv, Ternopil, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy and Khmelnitsky. After us, in ninth place - Chernigov. Closes the top ten rankings Zhytomyr, and Lutsk was in 11th position. The lowest rated the standard of living of people in Zaporozhye Sumy. Vasily Gerus Competent comment The mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko: - Exactly in recent years in ratings that ProvoMiran reputable economic editions has risen from 18 to 8 among major cities in Ukraine. This is, without doubt, an objective assessment as conducted sociological research group commissioned by the Canadian government. That is, the results can not cause distrust. We were able, despite resource constraints and a certain chaos whereState, city to hold a normal viable state. Frankly, now that everything is done manually and only through personal experience. Indeed predict its activity in the present circumstances a year or even six months, unfortunately, impossible. So rapidly changing legislation, guidance, situation with gas exchange rates that Drit is difficult to adapt to the realities. But again I emphasize, because there is experience, there are people who know what to do, equal to other regional centers is though not perfect, but quite decent. After all, I no ratings doubted this, because often in other cities and know the situation. This was reported in RivneCity Council