State Ecological Inspectorate in Transcarpathian region encourages citizens to follow the rules of fire safety in forests

dry and hot weather, which was established in the region, will help increase fire danger in the forests. So remember that the slightest negligence and carelessness can cause fires and significant losses.All summer to enjoy nature and relax, especially in the forest. I would like to elected leisure corner was beautiful and nezasmichenym. So spending time outdoors should monitor his place of rest, make a fire with caution in designated areas, do not leave them outstanding, remove a collection, do not throw Mr.edopalky, to prevent children playing with fire and so on. After all, the main cause of fire is violation of citizens demands Rules of fire safety in forests in the area and burning dry grass vegetation on agricultural lands, heath, along the roads. So recall that for violation of fire safety in the forests of Article 77 of the CAO providedresponsibility in the form of imposition of fine on citizens from 17 to 51 USD. and on officials - from 51 to 170 USD. But if such action led to forest fires or spread it on a large area, then the same Article provides liability to a adminstyahnennya imposition on citizens from 51 to 170 USD. and officials- From 119 to 204 USD. See also: State Oil Company pollute rivers Transcarpathia Responsibility for burning stubble, pastures, vegetation or fallen leaves residues and agricultural lands, along roads and railways, in parks, green spaces and lawns in the settlements envisagedst.77-1 to the Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses and ranges from 170 to 204 USD. for citizens and from 850 to 1190 UAH. for officials. This burning within territories and objects of natural reserve fund punishable by a fine on citizens from 204 to 680 USD. and on officials - from 840 to 1700USD. Therefore, the State Ecological Inspectorate in Transcarpathian region appeals to all countryman and calls not burn without permission dry natural vegetation or residues thrifty attitude to nature and observe the native land of the requirements of environmental protection legislation. News of Transcarpathia - "Carpathian lens" About this Reportsoaps