As in Rivne works Tripartite Social and Economic Council

Subject potential resources in overcoming the problem of unemployment was among the main issues of the meeting of Regional Tripartite Social and Economic Council. Meeting in extended video format on 11 June in RSA. Took part in the meeting director of the regional employment centersJohn Tkachuk. First of all, it was the fulfillment of commitments undertaken by the parties regional territorial agreements on social and economic issues between the State Administration, Regional Council, association of employers and the Federation of Trade Unions region. Parties reported on the implementation of the first quarter of 2015. In particular, the Chairman informed Federted region Nikolai Shershun trade unions, associations of employers chairman Vladimir Boyarchuk, deputy head of the Rivne Regional State Administration Oleksandr Savchuk. On the discussion of issues raised by the social partners, said John Tkachuk. In particular, he noted that the tripartite council in the decision focused on overcoming the problem of unemployment. CToronto social dialogue - says the decision - should take effective measures to stop rising unemployment, maintaining existing and creating new jobs through building, which has a region: processing industries in the fields of forestry and agriculture, extraction of natural resources, growing recovery characteristic Oblastthose crops. Ivan Tkachuk said that the problem of unemployment negatively affects the irresponsible attitude of employers to inform employment services about vacancies. In fact, only a third of employers provide relevant information field. Therefore, social dialogue should be more active. This was reported in Rivnenskomu city employment center