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In the Rivne region prosecutor's office conducted training workshops devoted to the work of the Office in terms of legislative changes

in Rivne oblast prosecutor's office on June 12 held training workshops on the theme: - "Practical implementation of the Law of Ukraine" On Prosecution "on 10.14.2014, on issues of public prosecutors offices function". - "The preparation and conduct of meetings of the board of regional prosecutor's office, control of decisions." - "Implementation of the supervision of the observance of laws in the application of the measures of the criminal proceedings." The workshop was attended by heads of subdivisions, senior prosecutors and prosecutors of departments Prosecutorture region, district prosecutors links. For students with information made by the experienced employees of the prosecutor's office area. Through the seminar, participants had the opportunity to discuss the role of European standards prosecutors, improve their skills, share practical experiences on specific areas of activityand determine the means of implementing the prosecutorial powers of these issues. Press service of the Rivne oblast prosecutor Tweet