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On the tour to local police precinct Zhytomyr visited children in

centers of creativity for young guests Brusilovsky district department of MIA police staged a familiarity with the work of law enforcement. Brusilovsky police station opened its doors to guests from the District Centre of Children and Youth "Dream". Pupils met pravoohorontsi and started talking about the daily work of the police. Near the children waited improvised exhibition equipment and special equipment for personal safety and protection. Purpose all presented objects and instances of their use explained the assistant chief of the police station staffing Valery Yankovets. So the children could not only hear about in differentydy firearms, but to see it with my own eyes and hold hands. The biggest impression on pupils had special means, especially when everyone could try on body armor or protective helmet and feel as real policeman-keeper. The tour continued in-dash, also allowed the children to sit in the official car inspectors DAI and turn on the flashing light and siren. - We hope that this meeting was not only interesting but also informative and useful for children, - says Sergey Tsivonchuk head of the police station. - Perhaps one of them will think about the future and wants to become police officers. And at the end it was the traditional common photo and sincere appreciation for the young guestsobtained legal knowledge and new experiences. Press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region