Transcarpathia: Mukachivschyni continues to preventive operation "Children on the road"

- Warning! Children on the road! That was the title currently held complex interventions to prevent child road traffic injuries - says the inspector of preventive maintenance work VDAI and Mukachevo Mukachevo districtykola Krasivov. The purpose of special operations - to draw public attention to the problem of child road traffic injuries, prevention of increase in the number of accidents involving children, the health care of young road users. Dear Parents, teachers! SAI reminds best example of safe behavior on the roadand you can apply yourself. Children often copy the behavior of adults, so Your compliance with traffic rules is an additional guarantee safety of your child. It is important to remember not only the child, but also realized the need for strict observance of traffic rules. Wear bright clothing children, who can be seen from a distance on the road, adding Dr.some of it flicker. And be sure to remind children transition rules of the road and the need for strict observance of traffic rules. Make sure kids learned knowledge. Dear children! For your walks were happy and safe, you must follow the rules of the road every time you leave the house. Remember that your diher should be understood by other road users. You should also be careful every time you come to the roadway. Dear drivers! Sitting behind the wheel, you take responsibility for life. Note: when moving pedestrian, public transport, close to schools, recreation areasand when approaching groups of people, especially children, are near the roadway, be especially careful. Reduce the speed, because small pedestrians - the most unpredictable road users. Rules of the road - a law that everyone should always be guided! Eugene Krasylynets Mukachevo CF MIA