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Prosecutor Vinnytsia region requires law enforcement radical qualitative changes in public order and state border

This task put before the heads of law enforcement agencies in the region in the Vinnitsa region prosecutor ’ Vyacheslav Sokolov during the coordination meeting on the protection of public order in borderPresent conditions and additional measures to improve security, inviolability of property, prevention of criminal offenses, Stand ’ commitments of separatism, terrorism, illegal handling of weapons and ammunition. &Ldquo; System analysis of the real situation indicates the existence of issues in law enforcement, Orhaniv local government executive. In particular, the need to strengthen the fight against crime and offenses related ’ associated with the illegal handling of weapons, its turnover and committed with firearms and weapons traumatic, especially those committed in public. There are crimes related ’ associated with the violation of the nosetion, storage, purchase, transfer or sale of firearms, ammunition, explosives & rdquo ;, – Prosecutor stated area. First deputy prosecutor Anatoly Maximyuk noted that the acute need to intensify the investigation of criminal proceedings where participants were the representatives of public events formsUvan that using available weapons they have committed acts Stand ’ associated with the unlawful interference with sub ’ objects of management. Given the status of the border region, special attention needs to strengthen combating crime and manifestations of separatism, prevention possible in ’ riding in the region of extremist members uhrupovan, identify overlapping channels and smuggling of weapons, explosives and poisonous substances. In this regard, the need to improve cooperation Mogilev-Podolsky frontier, territorial Ministry of Interior, Security Service, state and local governments, civic organizations for the protection of the state border. Pidbyvayuchy up coordination meeting prosecutor in the region ’ Vyacheslav Sokolov said: “ Our goal in modern terms – create a mechanism making it impossible to commit new crimes against public safety, effectively counteract crime in the region. However, the basis for a comprehensive and effective response to this phenomenonis a joint effort of law enforcement, government and society & rdquo ;. Following the discussion, the participants of the meeting developed the appropriate measures to ensure a clear organization of the safety of citizens, the inviolability of their property, prevent criminal offenses, surf ’ commitments of separatism, terrorism, illegal handling of weaponsS and ammunition. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Vinnytsia region