Proceeds from the single social tax payers of Lutsk increased by 76 million from

taxpayers Lutsk and Lutsk district for 5 months received 589.8 million hryvnia single fee for obligatory state social insurance, 76 million more than in the same period last year. This letla deputy head of Lutsk LIGHTS PG DFS in Volyn region Tatyana Pavlova. The official recalled that violate current legislation of Single Contribution was twice as expensive. For nonpayment of (non-listed) or late payment of single contribution from 2015 imposed a penalty of 20% of outstanding amounts on time. Such a responsibility to taxpayers Single Contributionprovided for by the Law of Ukraine "On the collection and accounting of a single fee for obligatory state social insurance". Therefore, if taxpayers have any questions, they can contact the Service Center of Lutsk LIGHTS taxpayers at m. Lutsk, Kyiv Maydan, 4, office 25, 26, 29. There they will have all the necessaryclarifications and advice, help in reporting. Sector Communications Lutsk LIGHTS This was reported in Lutsk city council