EDUCATION patriotic rally Khmelnytsky Regional Council student government vocational schools

According to the plan of the Department of Education and Science of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration, Khmelnytsky State Center of aesthetic education of students and the work plan of the student's self-VET Hmelnitskth region during 02-04 June 2015 in the village. Old Ushytsya, Kamenetz-Podolsk district leaders held off student government vocational schools Khmelnitsky region. The program included takeoff sports, adventure, Cossack games and entertainment, construction bivouac, a presentation of their own creative projectseducational and motivational training. With students working professional trainers and Methodists, inspiration and enthusiasm added unbeatable views of the coast of the Dniester. Power take-off participants provided Hovorskyy professional agrarian lyceum (Director V.Taraduda). Also during takeoff students realized their own creative project -orhanizuvaly a mini-festyvAl "Energy-fest" that included at competitions in volleyball, presentation copyright songs pupils reading humoresques, instsenizovani entertainment and even body art. The main purpose of teaching and patriotic rally was not only motivational association and establishing productive leaders over the next year, but the election of a new president hopsnytskoyi Regional Council student government leaders of vocational schools area. During the presentation of campaign programs, surprised and showed determination in his actions proved by example and presented convincing project of the Council - Olesya Parfenyuk, student Khmelnytsky professional lyceum, which was newly electedPresident of Horus VET. The event program was extremely extensive and diverse encourage young leaders to combine learning, self-improvement, sports and entertainment. For example, in a creative project "patriotic summer" in the staging of Ukrainian songs, young leaders showed themselves not only as a generator of creative ideas, but also as nevycherpbut creative personality, imbued with patriotism and love of country. At the end of the Congress, students launched zahadaly sky lanterns and desire for peace in Ukraine. To attract the attention of young people to an active position in society, in the end, participants take off on the banks of the Dniester presented flash mob "Pearl-Ukraine", the future plans for the Councilnuc mini-film about the rise and promotional video Horus VET. Reported at