Vinnytchina: in medical institutions of the region are more than 7 thousand. Doctors of all specialties and nearly 16 thousand. Employees of the nursing staff

According to the Main Department of Statistics in the Vinnitsa region, Vinnitsa region medical assistance in 2014 provided 119 medical institutions. Outpatient care forpopulation Region provided 34 centers of primary health care, which included 318 medical clinics of family medicine and 881 health posts, 8 dispensaries. The planned capacity of outpatient clinics was 215 visits per shift per 10,000 inhabitants. At the beginning of this year in healthof the region worked 7.2 thousand. doctors of all specialties and nearly 16 thousand. employees of the nursing staff. On average, every 10 thousand. Residents of the area served by 45 doctors and 98 paramedical staff persons. Most therapists are among health professionals - 18% of surgeons - 15% of dentists - 9%, pediatricians and obstetrician-Guineakolohiv - 7%. More than half (59%) physicians region - a woman on the nursing staff, most of them nurses - 71%, and women constitute 90%. Extremely important place in the health system in its content, volume and value covers outpatient care, which is the main form of outpatient care. For instance,by the Ministry of Health at the outpatient reception at the doctor's visit patients at home (including a quick, urgent and emergency planning and advice) inhabitants of the region was made 14 mln. 384 thousand. Attendance. On average, each resident of the region 9 times a year visited the doctor or did call home. Medical ambulanceWell population assistance provided 6 independent and 4 combined stations (departments) ambulance, where the doctor worked 242 workers and 810 medical assistants. Last year they made nearly 303 thousand. Visits, during which 291 thousand. Patients provided by ambulance, including 75 thousand., Or 26% - rural residents. In addition, almost 8 thousand. Residents of the region were given outpatient care. On average for day 830 calls were made and almost 0.8 thousand. Patients treated for. Effective health and recreation Vinnichiny worked 20 health centers, 4 health center, a recreation center, where rested and regained his Zdorov'ya 58 thousand people, of which about 9,000 (15%) - of children and adolescents. The main areas of specialization resorts in the area is the treatment of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system diseases and tuberculosis. Public health is one of the main conditions of social well-being and successfulOn economic growth, the increase in active life expectancy, improve the demographic situation. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration