A government action in Ternopil is a threat cessation of hot water

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated only 4, 2 mln. UAH. for 2015 a total subsidy across Ternopil on repayment of the difference in tariffs for heat energy, heating and hot water supply services in the centralized water supply. In reality, only one municipalityflax company « Ternopilmiskteplokomunenerho » this year should subventions ten times more than the amount allocated - 42.5 mln. UAH. and « Ternopilvodokanal » - About 6 mln. UAH. Dedicated Cabinet sum for the region is the lowest among all regions of Ukraine. Thus, this amount is intended for both a city andRegional enterprises of thermal networks, utilities « Ternopilvodokanal » and a number of enterprises of communal enterprises in the district centers. While the Cabinet has even the slightest Ukraine in Chernivtsi region allocated 6 million, Rivne - 93.0 mln. UAH., Ivano-Frankivsk - 91.9 million. UAH. and Khmelnytsky — 48.4 million. UAH.&Laquo; projected amount of debt on the difference in tariffs for households by year's end only in our communal enterprise « Ternopilmiskteplokomunenerho » amount to 42.5 million. UAH. - says deputy director KP « Ternopilmiskteplokomunenerho » Vladimir Onyshko. &Ndash; Bold such a small amount subvenets people from the Cabinet of Ministers of jeopardizing passage of the next heating season in Ternopil and can lead to suspension hot water in homes Ternopil. It is probable shutdown boiler from our company gas through debt which currently totals more than 65 mln. UAH. & Raquo ;. Currently Ternopiland the city council and municipal enterprise management appealed to the Cabinet with a request to review the allocation of subsidies. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council

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