Khodorkovsky: Only a fool or a liar can say that the Kremlin could reach

agreements chairman of public organization "Open Russia" Mikhail Khodorkovsky believes that the West should not go for any long-term agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukrainian conflict. This Khodorkovsky said in an interview ’ S nimetskiy newspaper Welt am Sonntag, published on Sunday, May 10, – RBC with reference to Deutsche Welle. The conflict in the Donbas need Putin to stay in power, confident opposition &Laquo; If someone in the West argues that the current regime in the Kremlin can achieve long-term agreements, it is either a fool or a liar & raquo ;, – Khodorkovsky said. According to him, hope for compromise rather illusory because the Russian government behaves unpredictably. Former Russian businessman does not believe that the conflict will be resolved in Ukraine in the near future. According to him, Putin will do everything to Russian citizens who are fighting in the east of Ukraine, withalyshalysya there as long as possible, because their return is a danger to his regime. However, according to the former head of Yukos, separatists will not take control of new territory. He noted that Putin to stay in power do not need escalation of the conflict and its freezing. Another priority Putin, according to Khodorkovsky, is Mr.roval democratic changes in Ukraine. Because otherwise the success of the Kiev authorities could serve as an example for Russia. Khodorkovsky also called impossible peaceful change of power in Russia. &Laquo; mode change will not happen without blood & raquo ;, – he said. He said thousands of people in Russia now understands that will have to answerfor their actions. Earlier, Khodorkovsky said Putin solution ’ yazav war with Ukraine, as in Russia ended « internal enemies & raquo ;. Told