Lviv administrative charges brought against law enforcement officers, which led car without documents and with signs of intoxication

police officers, which led the car without proper documents and with signs of alcohol ch ’ yaninnya prosecuted. Employees of the State compiled two protokoly of Administrative Offences. On this fact also conducted an internal investigation. 8 May around 22.30 hours to Lviv law enforcement officers received information from civil society activists violation of traffic rules by the driver of the car « Renault Trafic & raquo ;. To the scene immediately officers arrived road-patrulnoyi service police. According to preliminary information, the car ran « Renault » 41-year-old police officer who was off duty, in civilian clothes. On passing the examination to establish the state of ch ’ yaninnya he refused. A man was prepared two reports on administrative violations – by Part 1 st.130 (driving people in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other ch ’ yaninnya, as well as the refusal of the person who controls the vehicle from passing accordance with established procedures given the state of the ch ’ yaninnya) and by part 1 of article 126 (driving by persons who are not relevants documents or pre ’ have revealed them to test). Currently, the matter is held internal investigation. This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region