In Lutsk held arts festival "Mother's lullaby"

In Lutsk held on the occasion of Mother's Day. Indoors Volyn Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko was regional arts festival "Mother's Lullaby", dedicated to the mother. Participants and guests of the festival welcomed Mayorykola Romanyuk, Deputy Head Svetlana Myshkovets, Vicar, Bishop of Vladimir-Volyn Diocese of Volyn UOC-KP Matthew, head of the regional organization of the Union of Ukrainian Love Haneychuk. Referring to Lutsk, the mayor said: "While living our mothers, we feel children. I feel happy child, every morning typing in whatlefoni room mother, hear her voice. I wish all of you for as long as children feel, and your mom to become grandparents. " He wished all mothers happiness, health, respect from children and grandchildren that their eyes were only tears of joy and bowed low to all the children. Regional Department of Culture, regional scientific center of culture OxenNo artistic event organized in order to commemorate a worthy Ukrainian and increasing the role of Mother in the family, society, appreciation of everyday heroism, courage, sacrifice, spiritual formation, family values, moral education of the young generation of the best examples of traditional and modern Ukrainian culture revival Ukraikyh folk traditions, rituals, oral folklore, promotion of authentic and modern lullabies. At the celebration were heard old folk lullabies performed by Tatyana Leaders collector of folklore, folk bands and villages tear venison Stone Kashyrsky area. Amateur artists performed ceremonial actions "to visit." Tacoalso lullabies sounded modern and copyrights in the performance of the national artist of Ukraine Vasyl Chepeliuk, Honored Artist of Ukraine Alla Opeydy, Honored Worker of Culture Vyacheslav convicted, perpetrators of Volyn State College of Culture and Arts named Igor Stravinsky. During the event, a charity event to raise funds for mothersVolyn sons were killed, defending the unity and integrity in eastern Ukraine. This was reported in Lutsk city council