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In Lutsk Children's Railway has started 61 of

season Ceremonial opening of the new already 61st season of the children's railway in Lutsk. The event took First Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev. Began a solemn line of inmates of children's railway station "Rosinka". Greeted the participants appealed nershyy Deputy Lutsk Mayor Taras Yakovlev, who rejoiced that the platform was filled uschent. He said the children in the railroad finally be able to apply theory in practice. He wished good season and a bright, peaceful sky over our heads. Congratulated those present on the opening of the season and Head of Rivne management of railIvan's transportation Hrunyk. He noted that graduates of Lutsk children's railroad was more than twenty thousand children. as her students begin practice, during which apply the knowledge learned during the school year. John Hrunyk wished that this internship has given children more knowledge to later when they arrive in specializedand universities, they pryhodylysya them. He called to the children to remember their alma mater and always come back here and mention wonderful years that have passed on this children's railway. Finally guest performances presented awards for their active participation in the children's railway her best pupils. After greetings announced the first flight. So the kids have goneI was in the children's journey by train. This was reported in Lutsk city council