Embroidered towels Lutsk laid out the word "Peace"

In our city is the sixth festival of Ukrainian embroidered towel "Embroidered charms unity", which traditionally is dated to the Day of the mother. Began performance at Theater Square contest of children's drawings dedicated to mothers. There's also a charity auction and sale of embroidered towels.Also known Volyn embroidery conducted master classes in embroidery towels. The festival takes place on the initiative of Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytskiy supported at the town council. Participants and guests of the festival welcomed the first deputy mayor Taras Yakovlev, head Charitable Foundation "Native Volyn" Dmitry Glazunov, predstavnyky clergy and "Book of records of Ukraine". Taras Yakovlev conveyed sincere greetings to the festival by Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. In his speech he this: "Well, this festival is traditionally held in the city, because the code keeps embroidery nation." Special gratitude was expressed by Taras Yakovlev invited to festivalmothers of fallen heroes Heavenly Hundreds of ATO and participants, the families of those who now defends the eastern borders of Ukraine. He wished all to over our land was clean cloudless sky, sounded cheerful children's laughter, our mother happy. Luciana and visitors have created a "common towel." The action took part the First Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovliva. In addition, before the Volyn Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko embroidered towels youth posted a desired word "peace." Thus, the participants of the festival expressed their position on the war in the east of the country. They are convinced that Ukraine should remain whole and indivisible. Also, Mother's Dayand at the Theater Square Heavenly Hundreds honor mothers and members of ATU. They heard words of gratitude for what the children have grown patriots. Festival participants laid flowers at the stele Heroes Hundreds of Heaven, which is located near the Volyn regional library for youth. The festival, took place at the Theater Square Exhibition-sale embroidered towels, a concert of creative teams. This was reported in Lutsk city council