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In the Transcarpathian region honor those who fought for peace

Seven decades have passed since died down as the gunfire of the Second World War. Already passed away the vast majority of those distant events, but no one should forget those price incredible efforts the world has stopped the bloodshed. He lives in one Vinogradovrespected man who in the turbulent forties has contributed to the victory over the brown plague. Back in 1944, Yuri Petrovich Grabow was 14 years. And it would seem that related to the war may have Transcarpathian teenager, but in the area of ??his native village Puznyakivtsiv desantuvalasya and long acting Red Army reconnaissance team, which zbyRala information about the deployment of German and Hungarian troops in Transcarpathia. Then one day a young woodcutter had to meet with intelligence, which later began to perform Yurko individual orders exploratory nature. And since exploration primarily interested in the famous defensive line of Arpad, the boy had to repeatedly, with the risk naviduvATIS to Mukachevo and Svalyava where concentrated the main forces of the Hungarian army, schotrymala defense across the line of Arpad. Perhaps due to intelligence information that brought Hornbeam JP and as he Transcarpathians command of the Red Army and decided not to storm well fortified Carpathians, and therefore have saved tens of thousands of lives chervonoarmiytsiv and Hungarian Honv?d, who also had a desire to die for Nazi Germany. But most were saved from destruction Transcarpathian towns and villages, some of which mark the millennium of its foundation. And then there was the spring 45th, victory, joining the Soviet Transcarpathian Ukraine. Young lawyer hornbeam directed to Robotu prosecutors in the region, where Yuri Petrovich spent 44 years investigating, but that's another story. And we wish to veterans hornbeam Yuri Petrovich Health ’ i, health ’ I again health ’ I, because fortunately it in abundance when near him beloved wife Hope Yu, with whom he had long marked their golden weddingI have two children and six grandchildren. The photo Elder among investigators and head of the prosecution dynasty JP Hornbeam with his son and son-Alexander Yaroslav. John Kornash, Senior prosecutor prosecutors Transcarpathian region