At the traffic police Carpathian held a round table on the topic: "Make your contribution to the project" Ivano-Frankivsk safe city ""

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 15:36 | 04/29/2015 The meeting of representatives of various community groups Ivano-Frankivsk, media initiated a local public organization "union", which jointly with the Inspectorate RegionAsti and the city presents the project "Ivano-Frankivsk - safe city", in a nationwide project to improve the safety in the region. The objective of this event was to present the project to residents of the regional center with the intention that they joined with their questions and suggestions to solve the problems of road safety on the streetYahya roads and Ivano-Frankivsk. Civic activist Yaroslav fiefs, who is the head of the project said that: "For a discussion of proposals, appeals and comments inhabitants of Ivano-Frankivsk in Internet network" Facebook the specified e-mail address can send information relating to the improvement ofroad safety. We're using the State professionally and professionally promonitorymo situation on the roads, we estimate the situation and will discuss ways to jointly address pressing issues. " Acting Chief of the State Police Lt. region Valery Malik briefed all present the statistics of accidents in theblasnomu center, which from the beginning were registered 26 accidents in which 2 persons were killed and 29 injured, including 3 The accident occurred involving children and three minors were injured due to the fault of drivers, called Spots and emergency dangerous areas of streets and roads then proceeded to discuss specific proposals for your problems. "Mr.olovne, said Valery, what to look for, is to conduct the general population for citizens on the state of emergency, the causes of accidents and of course together with the help of the public to address the issues that need to on the road really was safe. Because unfortunately, the main causes of roomyshayetsya human factor. This does not mean that one of us should do the job. We quite deliberately working towards the prevention of not only administrative influence, but often in schools, promote and popularize traffic regulations, labor groups advocate fleets, conduct various forms of advertising campaign, informpopulation specific facts accidents point to the causes and circumstances of their commission through the media and more. But as, for example, changes in the scheme of traffic, installing lighting, traffic lights objects that those decisions are not taken by the police, and the commission on road safety gorispolkomnd then need help communities. " Then there were suggestions from students leisure center facility set traffic lights on the forecourt, st. Long identified emergency and hazardous roads and proposals from community groups and councils for new European approaches to address traffic safety issues, such as what to do with the Safety ofthe continuous movement of pedestrians on the street. Dniester, Sich Riflemen, Hrushevsky, and others, is not advisable would be to build subways on John Klyuka, Head of SAI Ivano-Frankivsk said that: "These proposals were discussed Safety Commission, however, it was not supported with for various reasons. Although many in this regard spdiscos, namely turniketne installed fences roadway, traffic lights installed facilities that are technically ordering and regulate pedestrian traffic shift that is, but there are new challenges that gradually and permanently solved the authorities. " Also featured issues related to government decisions to conduct capital repairs and patchingroads, the problem of lack of space for parking and construction of bike lanes and other issues that still need to be addressed. Overall inexhaustible topic of traffic safety, but if at least one of the suggestions after each meeting and discussions will be done it already positive. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI in Ivano-Frankivsk