In the Rivne region fleeing from police employee, the driver made a fire show (+ photos)

Employees of the State of Rivne detained drunken resident of Khmelnitsky region, who is suspected of stealing a car. about 3 am on spetsliniyu "102" received a phone call from an unknown person who said that near RivneTruck travels without headlights turned on and violates traffic rules. Duty STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region was immediately focused all outfits DPS traffic police who served near. Upon receipt of a notice outfits DPS car of "Mercedes", which was under the guidance of another, the perehresti Book streets. Olga, Kiev. Inspectors gave the truck driver to stop the demand. However, it ignored the latter and vice versa increasing the speed began to flee from the police. Began the persecution, which later joined the crews of two employees of GAI. Greeting from law enforcement, helmsman trucks grossly violated traffic rules, thenarazhav the danger to other road users. In addition, while driving a truck driver damaged the front right wheel, but this did not stop him. But later, the offender still had stopped due to technical malfunction of the car. The driver of the foreign car traffic police was arrested. They found 31-year-old resident of Khmelnitsky region. During the communication with the violator inspectors found that he lacked any documents for driving. In addition, the man was intoxicated, which later confirmed the device "Drager" (1.72 ppm). - I celebrated his birthday. Vodka was over and I went for it on the carand, standing at the entrance - said inspectors steering the truck. It was also found that the car in which the driver was driving do not belong to and who he does not know the owner. The offender inspectors were three administrative protocols for centuries. 130 (driving in a state spyaninnya), p. 122-2 (not the requirements of StopKu traffic police) and article 126 CAO (driving without proper documents). At the scene, the traffic police called investigative team. Driver Goshchansky taken to police station. It is worth noting that the owner of the car "Mercedes" only in the morning turned to the police with a written statement about the kidnapping of his car. Currently on railwayanym fact police opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 289 of the Criminal Code Ukraine (illegal appropriation of a vehicle). This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region