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In the Rivne region public instruction for action when detecting suspicious objects

One of the global challenges is the threat of terrorism. We must be vigilant, because explosive device installed in public places, on public transport or apartment building can be disguised as ordinary object - a bag itemortfel, roll ... Typical signs of a suspicious object, indicating its possible belonging to an explosive device: - Left in public places (transport) unattended bags, packages, boxes etc; - Resemblance object on ammunition, training and simulation, signaling, lighting, fireworks; - The presence of an objectradio receiver and antenna from the device; - The presence of the object or electronic clockwork timer; - The presence of the subject smell of kerosene, solvents, fuels and lubricants and chemical materials etc; - The presence of the object elements (components) that do not meet their intended purpose; - Presence in the doors, the windows of any third party underozrilyh items attached using wire, yarn, levers, cords and more. In the event of a suspicious object resembling a bomb: - Not to touch suspicious objects detected not fit and do not move it; - Refrain from smoking, use of rad ’ communications, including mobile, near suspectedlogo object; - Not to act independently of suspicious objects; - Possible to protect the suspicious object and the danger zone; - To try to report the discovery of a suspicious object other persons who are near, ensure their evacuation from the area adjacent to the danger zone; - Notify the danger ofdiscovery of any local authority, duty of law enforcement agencies (tel .: 101 102), including information about the characteristic signs of possible explosive device, its location, the time of detection and the person who found it. Wait arrival at detecting dangerous discovery experts pyrotechnics; - Try to maximize accessoriesAm ’ favorites appearance, clothing, people who were subject to their transport and license plates. Press service of State DSNS in Rivne region