In the Rivne region rescuers together with foresters trained to put out a fire in a wooded area

April 29 rescuers together with employees Goshcha Forestry Enterprise « Ostrog forestry » held a special tactical training of joint actions during the extinguishing of forest fires possible. Training took place at territorieOria children's camp « Ahativka & raquo ;, which is located in a wooded area near the village of Simon. The exercises in woodland left vacationers not extinguished the fire led to the ignition of the lower layer of forest plantations. Following the discovery of fire to the scene immediately was sent fire vehicles, a tractor with a plow and workivnykiv forestry with backpack extinguishers and non-mechanized entrenching tool, and another guard 16th state of the Fire and Rescue. Covered by flame ’ pits area foresters oboraly immediately and locate a place of fire. Meanwhile, rescuers spent the operational deployment of fire vehicles together with employees forestry using hand fire barrels eliminated fire. Took part in the training of personnel 5 people DPRCH-16 and 9 forestry workers. Dear citizens! To prevent fires in forests, rescuers suggest to follow fire safety rules. In particular, do not leave without diluted fireplacesupervision without fueling the fire closer than 50 meters to the Coniferous and 25 meters to the deciduous forest, not kindle fire near dry grass. If the inflammation focus required ’ necessarily need to watch the flame ’ pits; leaving the place where the fires, it is necessary to fill the earth or cover with water. If you find yourself in the woods with slightahoryannya - try it immediately put out with water, land or branches of deciduous trees until the fire did not spread to a large area. If the fire is spreading rapidly, then immediately inform workers and forest fire-rescue service by calling « 101 & raquo ;. PG DSNS in Rivne region