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In Lutsk Deputies made changes to the city budget of

elected representatives of the community for consideration during the session of the 73 th session of the City Council made the issue of changes to the city budget for this year. Head of Finance and Budget Yelov Lily told about corrections that introduces the main financial document of the city. She noted that aboutlasnoho given budget subvention of $ 400 thousand for providing financial aid to families of servicemen killed during the ATO. It is also proposed to increase the income of the general fund budget of 73 million provided as a subvention from the state budget for benefits and housing subsidies. And proposeddirect free budget balances as of 01.01.2015, the general fund of the city budget in the amount of USD 607,000 for the implementation of certain programs and activities, payment of services rendered. Thus, 215 thousand will direct the Executive Committee for the implementation of the program financing of national, regional and local importance. 11700 USDproposed to allocate social policy department of labor people involved in community work with the employment center to provide advice as to the correctness of filling statements and declarations for obtaining housing subsidies. MP Igor Polishchuk asked to clarify Lilia Yelov to allocate 45 thousand UAH for providing SPIinthe writings of cities and Kuznetskov Volnovakha. She said that in cooperation with Kuznetsovska planned exchange visits of Deputies and teachers. Also on Easter in Lutsk were children Volnovakha in plans - following their visits to our city, so these funds will be used for this purpose. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that the tripdelegation from Lutsk to Donetsk region Volnovakha from the city budget funds are spent. All expenses were paid by employers, including Igor Chernuhi. According to him, some of the funds in question will be directed and to pay for food in schools of our city children Volnovakha that stayed here. Communities chosen underkept the proposed draft decision. This was reported in Lutsk City Council