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In Zakarpattia Oblast Mukachevo firefighters prevented the fire spreading flames to the building

flats morning of April 29 in the city. Mukachevo Street. Rosvyhivskiy metallic trailer caught fire inside the densely built residential area. The fire was noticed residents of nearby houses, which called at 5:27 to serviceRescue « 101 & raquo ;. To eliminate fire department firefighters activated two 17th state of the Fire and Rescue. On arrival at the scene they found that the fire started from a metal trailer upset on the first floor of 9-storey residential building located about a meter from the hearth fire. Then rescuers usampered not let the fire spread to the upper floors of the building, fire lokalizuvavshy at 5:41. Completely extinguish the flame ’ I DSNS metal trailer fighters managed at 6:05. The fire fire destroyed the roof of the trailer and metal garden tools, which kept inside. In addition, Balcony damaged trees ’ Inot window and sootywalls and ceiling of the apartment on the first floor of the adjacent building. The cause of fire and the amount of damage caused by the elements currently set law enforcement. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region