Beware - suspicious and explosive devices. Tips Transcarpathian rescue

Recently Transcarpathia frequent reports of bomb threats and identify suspicious objects of various nature. This year, the challenges to the investigation and search operations were recorded for 14, but for the whole 2014 - 18. happiness they were wrong. Suspicious items and explosive devices can be found anywhere: in transport stairwells of buildings, apartments at the door, establishments and public places. Often they mask under the pens, cell phones, wallets, mini recorders, toys. We need city ’ favorites that almost all toxic explosives are sensitive to mechanical andsound effects, heating. Handling them requires maximum attention and caution! Neutralize explosive device or explosion can only localize prepared pyrotechnics or other professionals after the withdrawal of people from the danger zone and exhibiting environment. Management DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region once again recallsrules of conduct during the detection of suspicious and explosive devices. Pam ’ Yatai! From your right action depends the life and health ’ I have others. In the event of an explosive device is prohibited, approach to the subject; move it or take over; throwing or hitting on him; Kindle close or dispose of in fire cover sufficientlyOn the subject; bring the subject home to institution. If you find an explosive device need of a safe place to report regular service DSNS (tel.101) and police (tel.102). Do not approach the subject, do not touch and do not move it, and prevent it to other people. Stop all work in the area of ??detection vybuhonebezpechnohat the object. Do not use tools rad ’ communications, mobile phones (they can trigger an explosion). We must await the arrival of specialists, specify the place and report the findings of its detection. And then it is up to professionals. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region