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In Uzhhorodschyni rescuers and foresters honed skills in extinguishing fires ecosystems

29 April in the village. Kam ’ yanytsya Uzhgorod district occurred comprehensive tactical training in fire suppression in natural ecosystems. The event was attended by representatives of « Uzhgorod Forestry » and the men of the 14 th State Fire and Rescueher part. The exercises vacationers during a picnic in the woods were burning fireplace and went home. A strong wind gusts flame ’ I fire spread to the tree, resulting in fire. The approximate area of ??fire was 100 square meters. m. The scene unit arrived foresters and firefighters, who promptly and smoothlyO fire eliminated. Given the fact that recently in Transcarpathia increased the number of fires caused by ignition of dry grass, such measures are extremely important during the summer fire risk period lasts ecosystems from April to late October. These training – is the work that is needed in order to rescueDSNS were quality professionals, and in case of emergency all services operate smoothly. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region