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Year rebel victory in the Ternopil region begin to celebrate

Berezhanschyni main events will take place May 23-24, near the hamlet Vines Berezhany district, where 55 years ago saw the last fight of warriors. This was discussed at a visiting session of the organizing committee of the celebration of this date, which was held in Berezhany. It was attended bareIsland Regional Council Vasyl Hominets, deputy head Oleg Boberskyi, district leaders, community organizations, departments and institutions involved in training activities. "The last fight of UPA under vines took place in April 1960, and in honor of his 2015th year Regional Council declared the Year of the rebel victory in the Ternopil region. I am sure that was adoptedis the right decision - the 55 th anniversary of the battle to coincide with the Day of Heroes - holidays greatness of spirit Ukrainian soldiers, fighters for freedom of Ukraine, - said Vasily Hominets. - The organization and conduct of activities involved regional council, the public, clergy Podgaetskiy area, in which previously was the farm Vine and Berezhansky, In which it now is, Ternopil and other areas. " The meeting discussed organizational and economic issues, the program celebrating the 55th anniversary of the last fight of UPA. It is planned that May 23 will start camp patriotic youth organizations near the hamlet Vines, where training will occur. May 24 will urochyhundred procession public joint prayer service at the site of the last battle, reconstruction of combat UPA NKVD, rebel songs will sound like. According to Vasily Homintsya, "it will be Ukrainian patriotic art event." The head of the regional council during a meeting of the organizing committee awarded the Diploma of the Ternopil Regional Council staff Berezhansky countryyeznavchoho Museum - "for significant contribution to the development of national culture and traditions of Ukrainian people, good honor the heroes of the national liberation movement and the action dedicated to the Year of the rebel victory." This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional council