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37 mln. Citizens transported electrotransport last year in Chernihiv

main task and the main focus of the enterprise "CTU" is to provide quality services for passengers. PUD City Council "Chernigov trolleybus management" today is the largest carrier of social Chernihiv. Fromaccording to the current legislation of Ukraine have the right to preferential passage 26 categories. In the city of Chernihiv - more than 75 thousand inhabitants. On the work KP "CTU" informed at the expanded meeting in the city council head of the company Oleg Korzhov. In KP "CTU" serves 10 trolley bus routes and 2, which has about 67 daily tonsroleybusiv and 17 buses. Conveyance of passengers services company performs under the "Agreement on the organization of transport services", concluded between KP "CTU" and management of transport and communications of the City Council. Rolling stock company At the beginning of 2015 the number of trolley rolling stock in the company amounted to 98 units. In mynuscrap, due to the full depreciation of 6 units were decommissioned trolley and commissioned 4 trolley Chernihiv automobile brands ACSM 321 brands and 12 110 Standard T-purchased at the expense of the city budget in 2013-2014. However, as in previous years, the financing of the State Program on development of urban electric 2007 - 2015 years, carried out. To date, the most serious problem is the state of the company stock. Most of the park is physically and morally outdated models of trolleys, such as ZIU-9 and UMZ. The average age of trolley park is at 18.9 years. In the context of the useful life of the company appear: over 20 years - 63 Trollybusiv; 15-20 years - 4 trolley; 10-15 years - 7 trolley; 10 years - 24 units trolleybuses. Given that the trolley park is worn 80%, the company carried out capital repairs of rolling stock. In 2014 it was renovated 17 trolleybuses worth 2,091 thousand. UAH., Including an average repair - 10 units and Kapithorough repair - 7 units. Electricity made electric traction substations power 28800 kW. Total CE "CTU" operates 106.7 km of the contact network, which is 213.4 km and 2594 contact wire support. According to the conclusion "of the Kyiv Regional State technical inspection of city electric" & # 8203, after a state inspection in 2014, in Chernihiv not meet the requirements of operation 11.75 km of the contact network of the city, due to the excess of the norms of depreciation of more than 16%. To ensure passenger traffic by road, on the balance sheet are 23 passenger buses, 18 of which are brand PAZ and 5 of "Standard". Avgfirst fleet age is 8.2 years. Due to the fact that all buses have passed the required mileage, the company independently carries out major repairs. Thus, in 2014, was capitally repaired 12 engines worth 114 thousand. UAH., And 7 bodies in the amount of 218 thousand. UAH. Staffing Company Average number of employees whotional enterprises in 2014 amounted to 653 person. Structure of employees: drivers trolley - 149 persons; bus drivers - 32 people; conductors - 164 persons; Service repair of rolling stock - 132 people; support services - 75 persons; ITP - 101 people, including - APM - 24 persons. The main indicators of the company is the number nerevezenyh passengers and transport work done. In 2014, the total number of passengers increased electric transport compared to the year 2013 by 1.4% to 37.0 mln. People, while the number of paid passengers decreased by 2.8%. The main reasons for reduction of paid transportation of passengers is: stop large enterprises; zbilshennya competition in the transport market and significant duplication trolleybus routes. Also a factor is the decline in traffic reduction in transport work. Thus, in 2014 the number of hours worked on the line decreased by 1.5% to 266 tys.mashyno hours. The total mileage of electric decreased by 2% and amounted to 4.1million. km. The reasons that led to the decline in transport work, were worn out rolling stock and lack of staff to issue drivers on trolley line. As regards such a measure as traffic load, or the number of passengers a trolley for 1 hour, then in recent years its absolute values ??of the constantsO increases, indicating that the demand for electric urban population, including premium passengers. The volume of passenger transportation by road in 2014 decreased compared to the year 2013 by 11.9% and amounted to 3170 thousand. People. This decline in traffic was caused unprecedented decline in passenger traffic in the summer months ofynuloho year, due to political and economic situation in the country. Company Earnings In 2014 the company received proceeds totaling $ 39.1 million. UAH., An increase compared to the year 2013 amounted to 4433 thousand. UAH., Or 12.8%. Income from operations amounted to 38 330 thousand. UAH. Structure of revenues was as follows: 11,994 from the sale of ticketsthousand. UAH. (34%); 1659 tickets thousand. UAH. (4%); bus transportation 4162 thousand. UAH. (11%); grants 20 515 thousand. UAH. (52%); Other income 759 thousand. UAH. (2%). The growth of business income compared with the previous year was mainly due to increased compensation for privileged categories. Although the compensation routineTION for the privileged category of the state budget in recent years is increasing, the actual underfunding preferential transport of the estimated amount is significant. Thus, in 2014, underfunding amounted to 12,980.5 thousand. UAH. Revenues from the sale of single tickets, as well as proceeds from the sale of monthly tickets slightly alis reduced. The main reason for loss of income are: reduction of production on trolley line; increasing the value of privileged passengers to pay; increasing the number of alternative trolleybus vehicles. As for the revenue that the company receives by providing transportation of passengers by road, they significantly in the past yearreduced. This is due to the reduction in passenger traffic. Costs enterprises The costs of the enterprise in 2014 increased compared to last year at 2555 thousand. UAH., Or 6.5% and amounted to 42 143 thousand. UAH. The basic cost structure of the company were: salaries with taxes - 25 419 thousand. UAH. (60%); material costs - 7672 thousand. UAH. (18%) electricity - 4545 thousand. UAH. (11%); depreciation - 2,870 thousand. UAH. (7%); interest on the loan - 296 thousand. UAH. (1%). The basic cost structure in the company is spending on wages and social contributions. The growth of the wage bill in 2014 compared to the previous totaled 963 thousand. UAH., Or 5.6%, including narahovAna indexation of wages amounted to 605 thousand. UAH., supplement to the minimum salary - 38 thousand. USD., payment of the average wage mobilized - 144 thousand. UAH. Social contributions in 2014 increased compared to 2013 year to 208 thousand. UAH., This ares, over the past 5 years, mainly at the expense of pension by 1.6 mln. UAH., Or 30%. Amongof the wages of workers in 2014 increased compared to the year 2013 by 6.9% and amounted to 2256 UAH. And the average wage is the trolleybus drivers 3049 USD. (Up 5.1%). Due to the aging fleet of trolley buses and buses, as well as inflation, the cost of purchasing parts and materials in 2014 increased by 316thousand. UAH., or by 6.8%. Costs for electricity, due to the growth rate increased by 336 thousand. USD., Or 8% and amounted to 4545 thousand. UAH. The cost of fuel and lubricants in the last year, due to significant price increases, rose nearly 1 mln. UAH., Or by 32.2% and amounted to 3950 thousand. UAH. Expenses for fuel convoys companythus amounted to 2890 thousand. UAH., or 70% of revenues from avtoperevezen.U because of underfunding from the state budget preferential traffic and a significant increase in prices for fuel, spare parts and materials that were not offset by transportation tariffs by results of economic activity CE "CTU" in 2014 received damages in the amount of 3350 thousand. dpH. Considering this figure as the cost own revenues, then last year it remains well above the average in Ukraine in 2014 and is one of the largest electric companies. In 2014, the amount payable utility company increased by 2594 thousand. UAH. This is due to the growth of arrears comof pension begins to be paid in the amount of 784 thousand. UAH. In addition, the accounts payable included in 2014 purchased two trolleybuses, which were paid in 2015 from the local budget in the amount of 3090 thousand. UAH. At the beginning of 2015 according to accounts payable balance was 10 823 thousand. UAH., Of which 1,269 thousand. UAH. - A current zoboKnitting for accrued wages; 954 thousand. UAH. - Other current liabilities; 4142 thousand. UAH. - Accounts receivable for goods and services; 3278 thousand. UAH. - Arrears of pension; 900 thousand. UAH. - Bank loans. On the company has no arrears of wages. The company held a permanent job withoptimize costs and increase revenue, in particular, carried reduction of workers is not primary production. In order to optimize the movement of rolling stock, passenger flows continuously conducted research and then adjusting schedules as well as strengthened control over their implementation. Work to reduce production and nevyrobnying costs. Is constantly working on increasing the collection of fare, as well as an increase in other income of the company. Comparing the work of Chernihiv trolley management with other departments in the country, head of the company said that the number of performed transport of CTU ranks 6th after cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Vinnitsa and Odessa. Regarding financial performance, the CTU has the lowest cost transport performed work in Ukraine and the least amount of expenses that are not covered by its own revenues. According to KP "CTU" City Council