In Ivano-Frankivsk region in the mountains of lost tourists from Kharkov

people Karpaty always beckon and uncharted some magic force. Anyone who has ever visited here, will never forget the feelings that arise when contemplating the magical landscapes. Admire the beauty of the mountains and went six tourists from Kharkov. Since 28 April in the mountains observedb difficult weather conditions, tourists are gone the route and get lost in the Lake Nesamovyte eastern slope Turkul array Montenegro. Kharkiv ’ Jana immediately appealed to the rescue. In the search would-be rescuers went travelers Vorokhta mountain search and rescue branch of mountain search and rescue of ABariyno rescue special unit of the Office DSNS in the area. At 19.15 h. Rescuers found the errant tourists at the foot of Mount Dantsizh and reduced them to the sports center « Zaroslyak & raquo ;. Condition People – satisfactory. Management DSNS in Ivano-Frankivsk region once again appeals to residents and visitors Carpathian, will traveling to the mountains, always city ’ Yatai about the safety of their lives and that you happened trouble, never go to the journey by the bad weather conditions is not satisfied amateur mountain climbing and obligations ’ sure to register in mountain search and rescue departments. Management DSNS in