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Zorian Shkiryak: "The front of fire in the exclusion zone surrounded and stopped"

During the night of 28 on April 29 to eliminate fire situation in the special plant “ The Chernobyl Forest ” greatly improved. The front of the fire surrounded and stopped. The situation is completely under control. Cells riding open fire almost gone. AboutTold performing Duty ’ yazky Chairman DSNS Zorian Shkiryak. He noted that there is little to separate rollover of young trees, but they are small and associated wind gusts. In addition, in large parts continues smoldering burnt grass and trees. In the morning working on-site aircraft fire rescue services, which liquidates leaveing fire. &Ldquo; The radiation background is normal, there is no threat. All units and machinery DSNS involved in extinguishing the fire in the exclusion zone, are in place and working smoothly over the subsequent localization & rdquo ;, - said Zorian Shkiryak. Press office DSNS Ukraine