In Ivano-Frankivsk region to improve the condition of roads

Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 16:16 | 04/28/2015 Inspectorate of the region from March 23 to April 19 this year held spring commission examination of roads, streets and railroad crossings. During this period, traffic police for improper maintenance of roads for traffic officers comunalnyh organizations drawn up 27 protocols, 27 prescriptions issued 45 demands GAI to 30 information to the authorities for prosecution and responding to identified deficiencies. Region traffic police together with journalists of regional media conducted testing as a condition of the maintenance of the road network and the quality of the laneedennya pit repair. Of course, reviews the public about the road, and better and more precise terrain - a resentment and pessimistic forecasts for the near future. Most repair methods are so outdated and therefore short-lived, and that the work that is the road public services organizations simply lean against what need to be doneThat roads were still better. However, traffic police will not bypass those officials who nedopratsovuyut and according to administrative law makes them inadequate protocols for road maintenance, issue prescriptions and holds control over elimination of deficiencies. As the head of the regional traffic management Derzhavtoinspektion Police Lt. Michael Babiy: "From the beginning, fined 99 officials and citizens (by st.139, 140, 188-28 CAO), to address shortcomings in the relevant organizations and citizens sent 93 claims and 85 prescriptions SAI. Sent 97 of information to the authorities to improve the organization of road ruHu, state maintenance network. By adminotvetstvennosti brought 51 official road, rail and public organizations. " Currently Inspectorate examined 1154.2 km of roads and 2,956.3 km of local importance. As the results - much of the public roads and streets of settlementsyamkovistyu affected, potholes, subsidence and influx. All this poses a threat to road users. Also for road safety should renew the horizontal markings on the 1010 km of national roads and 700 km of local roads, install and replace 660 traffic signs, repair 12.6 kilometers of transportCSO, fences and more. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI in Ivano-Frankivsk