In the Lviv region in Bryukhovychi opened a memorial plaque in honor of the fallen soldier in the East Andrew Kostyrko

in the village Bryukhovychi Peremyshliany area in the courtyard of an elementary school named. Basil Pronkiva April 26, 2015 opening ceremony of a memorial plaque Andrew Kostyrtsi who died during the Russo-Ukrainian war. Mr honoram'yat deceased soldier 80th airborne brigade gathered representatives of the government district, family, friends, fellow villagers, fellow caring local residents. Opened plaque head of the institution Stephanie brother Andrew Valko and Nicholas Tobyychyk. Father Michael and Stephen Tsikalo Duhnich dedicated board and served requiem onand fallen heroes. A minute of silence honored the memory of the hero there and laid flowers at the memorial sign. Peremyshlyany District Council Chairman Mykola svobodivets Muzychka said: " Andrew put his life for a free, integrated and independent Ukraine. We must protect the freedom that is given us such a high price - the price of thousands of livesyoung patriots & quot ;. 80th fighter air crews svobodivets Taras Licko said: " Andrew was a true hero who is not afraid to lay down his life for the brethren, for us, for a complete and independent Ukraine & quot ;. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "